Great to see Coliseum saved

My memories are from the 50s and girls and boys county basketball tournaments there. High schools from Clemons, State Center, Liscomb, Albion, Lamoille, Rhodes, Melbourne, Van Cleve, Laurel, Gilman, Ferguson, Dunbar, LeGrand, Green Mountain and . . . be my time . . . St. Anthony were included. They played in the month of January. Girls played one week, and boys played the next week.

In March, mens AAU played tournament games. My teammate, Dick Keel, was voted most valuable player. Dick and I played for Van Cleave High School.

Farm Bureau meetings were held there along with pancake breakfast for hunters and so much more.

When I was a child, they had live country music called barn dance frolic. KFJB also broadcasted every Saturday night. In 1965, Central Farm Store had a show of new machinery at the Coliseum.

The musical group called the Fifth Dimension performed on the stage. They were a nationally-known music group.

Now I get to see two of my grandchildren playing soccer and volleyball at the Coliseum.

Thank you for saving that building. It holds a lot of special memories for me.


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