Hoffman — firm, fair, friendly

I am not a resident of Marshall County. I have spent over half my working life in Marshalltown and retired from the sheriff’s office after close to seven years as a correctional officer.

I was hired by Jail Administrator Steve Hoffman. His mantra to me as a new officer consisted of three things — firm, fair and friendly. To read his name being drug through the mud by Supervisor Thompson is disturbing.

Hoffman was always working, always on duty for the citizens. When a baby came into the world a little sooner than planned in the jail garage it was Hoffman who brought out Dairy Queen treats to thank staff for the safe delivery. That’s who he is.

So to read of Supervisor Thompson going behind his back to sabotage the process for replacement vehicles is sad. There are so many areas that should be looked at by the board.

When I started in 2012 there was a broken cabinet door serving as a desktop. It’s still there after numerous requests to have it fixed. The same goes for a roof leak in the property room where inmates belongings are stored.

But perhaps the most disturbing issue was the complete pull out of maintenance during the early stages of the pandemic. My understanding was the maintenance department decided it was too much of a health risk. Inmates and jail staff were left on their own to battle COVID. At this point Hoffman and Chief Deputy Joel Phillips took it upon themselves to order equipment and disinfectant to sanitize the jail. They kept COVID out of the jail. This behind the scenes work was unnoticed by the board.

In my short time working at the jail I only saw one board member ever come by and ask questions. That was Supervisor Steve Salasek.

If you live in the Marshalltown city limits you are protected by men and women of the MPD. If you are a rural resident your protection is the MCSO. I think you want them to have upgraded vehicles to operate. Apparently Supervisor Thompson doesn’t feel you need that.

I have brought issues that the Board of Supervisors should be concerned with. Micromanaging the sheriff’s office should not be one. Best wishes to former Sheriff Hoffman. Chief Deputy Phillips is the person to fill the role as the new sheriff. He is ready and more than capable.


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