Republicans obstructing progress

Taking into consideration the polling popularity of the COVID Relief Bill and the proposed infrastructure plan, the Biden administration seems to have touched the hearts and minds of Americans.

About 70 percent of Americans approve of the COVID Relief Bill as three million Americans are getting vaccinated daily because of Biden’s focus on attacking COVID rather than wishing it away. Don’t forget the bill also included the $1,400 stimulus check as well.

About 70 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s infrastructure plan and the tax hike on the wealthy to pay for it. We all know that modernizing highways, roads and streets; boosting medical manufacturing; replacing lead water pipes and service lines; building and improving public schools; modernizing veterans hospitals; improving high speed internet/broadband; improving public transit; improving airports and ports; and improving the electric grid are long overdue. The previous administration ignored these issues and appointed judges instead.

In response to the infrastructure plan, Republicans, led by Senator McConnell promised “not one Republican will vote for it.” Not one Republican voted for the COVID Relief Bill so it’s no surprise they will resume the Obama-years obstructionist policy of voting no on everything and pushing for tax relief for the wealthy.

Instead, it seems that Republicans are convinced that voter restriction legislation, anti-abortion legislation and cutting funding for public schools while continuing to promote the “Big Lie” will garner support from their constituents.

This is the difference in governing. Democrats move forward, Republicans obstruct.


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