What does life offer?

Sixty years ago I sat in the usher’s pew at the Iowa River Church, wondering how my life could help the church in its ministry. I remember telling the Lord that I was ready for service, whatever he had in mind. Now in retirement, I sit in the same pew, not as an usher but still waiting on any direction coming from heaven. Lately, I spend as much time as possible listening to a new-found pew friend as he tells story after story. On my desktop are countless pages and pictures of this man and his family. They have been a part of Marion County since 1860.

I remember Jesus telling a story in Matthew’s Gospel, about a landowner going on a trip. Before leaving, he called his workers together and told them his plans. He gave each of them a portion of his estate to invest in this world. The intent was that the workers would put the assets to work and make more wealth for the Master’s Kingdom. Each one got the owner’s blessing with the hope of them succeeding. This story is about what Christians should do with their spiritual abilities. It is quite obvious that my friend received a major portion of abilities, putting them to work for the betterment of humans.

My friend’s name is Roy Bradbury, his family has been written about in many Marshalltown publications. All of his relatives were part of our farm-family history. Starting in the mid 1850’s his great grandfather kept the only bank in town from going under during the depression. His mother was a steady person in keeping this county’s history alive. Roy’s wife’s family was great in business and Roy himself was a very active inventor extraordinaire. Having many patents in microwaves, Polaris and weaponry with a host of other patents, he sits now in the back of the church worshipping and giving praise to the master who gave him those gifts to make the world a better place. He certainly has expanded those blessings given in the early part of his life. Without a hint of pride he reels off one story after another-so many that the retelling of them makes one wonder just how can one man have that many accomplishments.

I listen with respect for all that his family has done.


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