Check your voter status

Are you registered to vote? Maybe. Maybe not! School Board and City Council elections are slated to take place November 2. The laws for registering to vote in Iowa have changed recently, and even though you may have registered to vote, your name may have been moved to the inactive list or purged altogether based upon when you last voted. If you fail to vote in one election, your name will be moved to the inactive list and you will have to reactivate it online or at the next election. If you miss two elections, your name is removed from the rolls completely and you will need to re-register before you can vote. It’s easy to find out if you are registered. Go to the Iowa Secretary of State’s website (sos.iowa.gov/elections), and click on the Voter tab on the website. Choose “Am I Registered?” and fill in your name. If you’re not listed, you can’t vote until you get registered! While you can do this on Election Day, it takes time and requires documentation. Save your time and the time of other voters by knowing your status and being prepared!


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