Celebrate National Ag Week

National Ag Week is March 20-26. As a corn and soybean farmer in Marshall County, I’m proud to celebrate that the crops I grow here in our community can be found across the world in the form of animal feed, fuel, food products and more. But it’s more than that.

Iowa agriculture is successful because of the people in our communities who support it. For example, my local agronomist who gives me the best recommendations to grow a healthy crop; my crop insurance agent who helps make sure if natural disaster strikes, I’m covered; the people at the co-op who work with us to get our grain sold; our banker who I can trust to help me crunch numbers; and the hardworking men and women at the equipment dealerships who service our equipment to keep us running — it takes so many to make farming work.

And of course, you. Your support of farmers means something to us, and it’s not something I take lightly. This Ag Week, let’s celebrate the communities making Iowa agriculture something to be proud of.


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