CAPS makes a positive impact

With this being Child Abuse Prevention month I want to give a shout out to CAPS – Child, Adolescent, Parent Support- a local non-profit service agency which is quietly, but profoundly impacting the lives of our neighbors in our community. The agency evolved from a focus on abuse prevention, but in the end it does this and so much more. I believe we generally think of supportive services as being for “someone else,” which may be true, yet services to an individual or family ultimately impact “our community” as the service recipient gains a wealth of information which enhances their knowledge and skill base towards positive self care, decision making, parenting and assimilation into the community. Participation is voluntary and the CAPS providers are caring and dedicated. When you see the Blue Kids around town this month, know that CAPS is here and present to support you, your neighbors and our community. Should you want a speaker, want to provide financial support or learn more please contact CAPS at 641-752-1730.


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