New construction is the answer for Miller Middle School

It is time to be bold!

Miller Middle School has served our community for 100 years. The needs of our students, and Miller staff, far exceed what can be reasonably expected from a repair and renovation effort of a building this old. End of the day, we can polish up and repair the building but it is still a 100-year-old building. The building will never meet 21st century safety or education standards. Everything wears out. Miller Middle School is tired and worn. Pushing dollars into a renovation effort feels like throwing good money after bad.

New construction is the answer for this problem, and it is a serious problem. Modern safety standards and safety protocols for school buildings alone require we build new. The current facility is not safe and can’t be brought up to standards that will make it safe. We can build a new facility our community can be proud of. We can build something that allows for future needs. More importantly, we can build a school that will meet the growing educational needs of our future leaders, entrepreneurs, and community members. New construction sets us up for the next 50-75 years and is an investment in Marshalltown that is long overdue.


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