MCC updates a ‘huge win’ for students, staff

The summer has been anything but slow at Marshalltown Community College.

The bond passed for Iowa Valley Community College in November 2019 is being put to use at the college to improve facilities and create a better learning environment.

MCC is undertaking interior renovations and is having some heavy work done outside as well. The interior work is part of a $3.7 million project.

Pro Commercial of Huxley is the contractor in charge of the project. OPN Architects of Des Moines took on the architecture and bid recommendation portion.

The first part of construction started in April. Different parts of the overall work have started at different times, with new aspects still starting or incoming.

“The progress has been great,” said Kristie Fisher, IVCCD chancellor. “Given all of the complexity with construction and the supply of materials, we’re really delighted with where we’re at.”

Construction is not confined to one particular area. It is actually widespread.

If a person visited MCC today he or she may have difficulty finding somewhere to park. Several parking lots are being completely redone. Once finished, there will be changes in landscaping for several fresh looking entrances.

Heading into the conference center, a complete remodel is taking place. There will be a new lobby, flooring and stage. The area where a daycare center used to be will serve as the new home for the marketing department. The layout of this space will work better for collaboration.

Possibly the most popular new area will be the reworked library. The library and Success Center are being updated into the Student Hub. It will be a more inviting area for students to hang out, study and take advantage of the library’s many services.

“We’re really excited about the work that’s being done in the library,” said Jacque Goodman, vice chancellor of continuing education and training. “You’re going to see a lot more collaborative spaces for students in a lot of those areas.”

The computer labs on campus are being restocked with new technology. For some students, the most exciting addition to the computer labs will be the e-sports arena. Many colleges have started adopting e-sports, competing with other colleges in games like League of Legends. MCC plans to start an e-sports team once the arena is open.

“It’s a specialized and engaging computer lab with more capabilities to keep up with all of the high-end technology needs for the gaming industry,” Fisher said. “It’s also going to be used for instruction for computer programs.”

“There’s a lot of enthusiasm around it,” Goodman added. “It’s exciting for the future and hopefully it will attract more students that are interested in that kind of field.”

Along with the technology students will have their hands on, new fiber optics and cybersecurity will be in place, giving everyone on campus a smoother and safer digital space to work and play in.

“One of the goals for Marshalltown is to grow Marshalltown. We really believe we can be a big part of that movement,” Fisher said. “It’s a huge win. I always like to remind taxpayers how much we appreciate the confidence their vote showed in us.”

Like the start of these projects, their end dates will be staggered. Fisher said the conference center should be finished in mid-September, while the parking lots will finish in the fall and interior renovations will be finished in December.


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