Jury delivers mixed verdict in Iowa robbery, police shootout

OTTUMWA, Iowa (AP) — A jury has handed down a mix of convictions and acquittals for two Iowa men for a violent home-invasion robbery in 2018 that led to the fatal shooting of a third suspect by police.

A Wapello County jury on Thursday found Michael Bibby, 35, guilty of the attempted murder of former police chief Tom McAndrew, the Ottumwa Courier reported. Bibby also had faced an attempted murder charge related to the shooting of a victim of the robbery, but the jury found him guilty of a lesser offense of assault with intent to cause serious injury. Bibby also was convicted of robbery, burglary and willful injury causing serious injury.

An accomplice, Dalton Cook, 26, was acquitted of the attempted murder count, but convicted of the assault, robbery, burglary and willful injury counts. The verdicts followed a weeklong trial.

Authorities said Bibby and Cook, both of Ottumwa, were among three men who broke into an Ottumwa home on Aug. 3, 2018, and shot and seriously injured a man in front of the home. The three fled and were later intercepted by Ottumwa police officers near Liberty Elementary School, where the shootout occurred.

One of the men, David Roy White, of Fairfield, was fatally shot by police, authorities said. Bibby also was shot, but survived. Police later arrested Cook following a manhunt. No officers were injured in the shootout.

Bibby and Cook entered the trial last week facing nine counts of attempted murder, with prosecutors leveling the charge for each police officer who faced gunfire from the suspects in the shootout. But the judge earlier this week dismissed eight of those counts, agreeing with defense attorneys that prosecutors had not proven Bibby and Cook intended to kill all the officers.

Bibby and Cook will be sentenced separately on April 19. Bibby faces up to 87 years in prison, and Cook faces up to 62 years. Both are being held without bond.