Audit looks at Iowa state worker's payments to husband

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa’s state auditor has flagged concerns following an audit of the state’s sex offender civil commitment unit in Cherokee that showed a worker there made more than $50,000 in illicit payments to her husband over the course of 18 months.

An administrative assistant made unauthorized adjustments to the unit’s payroll system to pay her husband more than $52,600 in wages and nearly $9,000 in payroll benefits for time he did not work from August 2019 through February of this year, State Auditor Rob Sand said in a news release Wednesday.

The report said the administrative assistant used the key fob of her husband, who had previously worked for the facility, and made manual adjustments to records to show he worked when he did not.

The assistant named in the report no longer works at the facility. No criminal charges had been filed by Wednesday morning, but the auditor’s report has been sent to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, the Cherokee County Attorney’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office.