Property tax statement time

The property tax statements payable in 2015-2016 will be arriving in Marshall County property owners’ mailbox this week.

The Marshall County Treasurer’s office usually sends the tax statements out to taxpayers earlier in August, but Marshall County has been working on a conversion of a new real estate software program called DevNet, as data from our old system had to be reconfigured and verified in our new system during the tax calculation process. This project was collectively determined by each department dealing with real estate in Marshall County, as an effective solution to the recent new multi-residential classification of property in the governor’s property tax reform package two years ago. Additionally, the new software program is a necessary technology upgrade that will lead to more efficiencies and enhanced reporting capabilities for simpler transparency for the public. Although the tax statements are completed, the project will continue for months as we grow and tweak the program to fit our needs to serve the public better.

The Marshall County Treasurer’s Office is certified to collect $52.8 million in property taxes (does not include excise tax from utility companies). Depending on where you live, your tax dollars are distributed to your city or township, your school district, Marshall County, Community College District, Assessor, Ag Extension and the State of Iowa. A detailed tax distribution breakdown is located at the bottom of your tax statement.

Here is a quick look at the largest pieces of the total pie:

Marshalltown School District: $15.95 million

Marshall County: $12.65 million

City of Marshalltown: $10.31 million

Iowa Valley Community College District: $7.66 million

East Marshall School District: $3.14 million

West Marshall School District: $2.72 million

Study your tax statement. Find the comparisons from previous years and the breakdown of how your taxes were calculated. A common question asked by those whose property taxes increased is, how did my taxes go up, if my tax rate stayed the same or went down and my assessed value remained the same? The answer in most cases is the increase in the Residential/Ag Dwelling rollback from 54.4 percent to 55.7 percent and Ag Land rollback from 43.4 percent to 44.7 percent increased your taxable value (Taxable value is determined by assessed value multiplied by the rollback. The rollback is computed by the Iowa Department of Revenue and is determined by the market of the class of property).

First half property tax payments are due Wednesday Sept. 30, 2015 in the Marshall County Treasurer’s Office. You may pay online at If you have any property tax questions you may contact my office at 641-754-6366 or We are open Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30pm.


Jarret P. Heil is the Marshall County Treasurer.