Youth foundation supports activities program at Kiwanis

iwanis P.M. President Kenny Lamb presented a check in the amount of $400 to Terry Gray in support of the Marshalltown Youth Foundation’s ongoing work with local children.

The regular meeting of the Kiwanis P.M. was held Wednesday at O’Hungry’s. Kenny Lamb called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence. Ann Kent introduced the speaker, Terry Gray, a member of the Marshalltown Youth Foundation board.

As an organization we were aware of the Foundation’s support to the music department in supplying instruments to students at the beginning level, Gray wanted us to know the other areas that this foundation supports students as they become involved by removing some barriers. Activities are important to the development of all children and often can predict their success after high school. The board partners with the school district, Park and Recreation, Marshalltown Area Soccer Club, Little League, YMCA, Marshalltown Area Tumbling, Football League, Girls’ Softball, Swimming Lessons, the Art Association and traveling teams. Their hope is to be able include Drama camp next year.

The Foundation began 21 years ago and has grown to be an organization with 12 board members and provided $11,000 last year to help pay for Marshalltown youth to be involved in activities they might otherwise not get to. As organization their goal is to get ensure that all children have access to the activities offered here in Marshalltown. With the help of 100 Women Who Care they were able to begin to realize the goal of being financial sound enough to plan ahead and always meet the needs of Marshalltown children. If you know of children who may need help in paying for activities or if you would like to help financially, contact Marshalltown Youth Foundation at the MICA office: 641-753-5523 or www.marshalltownyouthfoundation.org .

The meeting continued as we presented the Youth Foundation with a check to help support this program. Ted Kallestad informed us that there is now a Red Barrel at the Hy-Vee, Kent, Rose Wagner and Reta Oetker have agreed to deliver items to the food box.

Bonnie Scott’s family graciously donated many of her Kiwanis items to be recycled with in the P.M. club. Lamb discussed with us the sad state of the grass at the West-End Park and asked permission to pursue having it sprayed this fall and in the spring. We agreed that we want the park to look inviting.

Kent announced that Eric Goslinga will speak next week, 7 p.m. at O’Hungry’s. Join the group, if you would like, to know more about the local Sea Cadets.


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