Program on ARC presented by Stewart

Matins Program Host Kevin Hitchins introduced Jacey Stewart from ARC as the guest speaker at this week’s meeting.

Matins Kiwanis met Thursday morning at the

Salvation Army building at 6:30 a.m. and were

greeted by Steve Bolar. Token Fines were paid

by Don Feld, Martha Schwandt, Frank Moran,

Chris Reid and Kevin Hitchins with Happy Dollars

coming from Moran and Feld. Beth Stillwell

solicited help for a collection of bugs for a Science

project and a hat was passed to collect

money for a pair of cleats for a football player.

Andy Schwandt gave results of the Funnel Cake

sales from the previous week in Nevada for the

Lincoln Highway Days. An acknowledgment

from the Central Iowa Arts Association was

read, and free breakfasts were won by Reid and


Program Host, Hitchins, introduced Jacey

Stewart as the guest speaker. Stewart is a volunteer

at ARC and spoke about the many activities

offered there. ARC is funded by United Way and

with the help of local businesses can afford to

host Adult Weekends at Pilgrim Heights for 50

campers and feed over 150 folks every Wednesday

evening. Other activities provided by ARC

are bowling, trips to GrimesFarm and dancing

at the Salvation Army. Stewart noted the concern

for dwindling numbers of Camp Marshalltown

held for eight weeks in the summer serving the

surrounding six counties. The Camp hires staff

from Park & Rec and includes great activities

and provides welcomed respite for the families

of the campers!

Questions were raised and answered and the

meeting adjourned by President Don Feld with

another of his lame jokes.


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