VFW Auxiliary to donate money

The VFW Auxiliary meeting on Jan. 6 was called to order according to the rituals by Connie Kennelley, president.

Fifteen members were present and answered roll call.

The December minutes were read and approved. Sarah Johnston, Treasurer, gave the treasurer’s report and it was approved. Bills were presented, Deloris Clayton motioned to approve payment of bills, second by Liz Polkiewicz, motion carried.

Correspondence and thank you notes were read from the National Children’s Home, Camp Courageous, IVH, Cynthia Bruster and Joann Fuller family.

There were 1,524 coupons collected in December for CIRSI and deployed military personnel.

Megan Kelly was given a food gift card after the loss of her home due to a fire.

Volunteer hours and completing the volunteer hours form was discussed.

The financial audit was given by Linda Fuller. She motioned to have the audit approved, seconded by Deloris Clayton and the motion carried.

Membership and membership dues were discussed.

A motion to send $200 to the Hospital Fund was made by Clayton, seconded by Liz Polkiewicz and the motion carried.

Fuller made a motion to send $200 to the Cancer Fund, seconded by Betty Needs and the motion carried.

Connie Kennelley reported more than $800 was given to IVH for various Christmas items.

The National Prayer was recited, and the meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.


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