TTT Campers introduced to Iowa ET at May meeting

Two Marshalltown 5th grade girls who have been chosen as Iowa ET Campers this summer, were guests of that chapter when it met recently at the First Presbyterian Church.  Susan Baker and Margaret Johnson, ET Camp Chairmen, explained that both girls were actually selected for TTT Camp in 2020, but because of the pandemic, camp was cancelled, and they were able to “re-invite” the girls for 2021. 

Because of uncertainties about how the week-away-from-home camp would fare in post-pandemic planning, members of Iowa ET had voted earlier this year to “do” camp themselves and schedule a week’s worth of activities and events, plus utilize the National TTT Society’s “Camp-In-A-Box” supplies for the girls.  Members discussed various activities and signed up to assist with them, the final week in July.

Two of MHS’ current graduates, former ET campers, have been notified about the TTT Scholarship available to them for post-high school training or education.  Discussion included finding alternate contact people at the middle schools and high schools, so TTT members can stay in touch with former campers throughout their school years.

A TTT Guest Day Brunch will be held in June at the Village Co-op, with Kathy Welfring coordinating the planning and notifying members of arrangements.

Bonnie Bradbury, spokesperson for the Nominating Committee, announced the officers who will be installed next fall: Deb Nuss, president; Sue Cope, vice president; Lisa Dougall, treasurer; Kathy Welfring, recording secretary; Roe Welker, corresponding secretary; Lorraine Schultz, historian.


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