Helping Ghana through children’s books

Kubalsky hosts signing event at Stepping Stones

T-R PHOTO BY ROBERT MAHARRY Author Sherry Kubalsky, who lived in Marshalltown for 18 years until her retirement, held a book signing event at the Stepping Stones Christian Bookstore on Friday. The proceeds from sales of her two books, “It’s OK to Be Me!” and “The Square Wreath,” will go directly toward funding water well projects in Ghana.


Sherry Kubalsky, once a resident of Marshalltown for 18 years before moving to Ankeny upon retiring in 2016, promoted her new book “The Square Wreath” during a signing event at the Stepping Stones Christian Bookstore on Friday.

Kubalsky has always wanted to write children’s books with a Christian message, and this year, her dream is coming to fruition. “The Square Wreath” celebrates differences by portraying a square wreath when a round wreath is the norm. The idea came from a true event that occurred at the old Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center hospital, where Kubalsky was employed as a social worker.

“They were decorating for Christmas. A nurse took a wreath off the wall because it was square, and she said to me ‘Everyone knows that wreaths are round.’ And I said ‘I’m going to write a story about that someday.’ So that is this book,” Kubalsky said.

Aside from helping the children who read her books accept and appreciate each other’s differences, Kubalsky uses the money she’s made to benefit those in need in the West African nation of Ghana.

All profits and royalties from her books go directly to Ghana, helping to build wells in areas with severe clean water shortages.

“One village is maybe 500 people, (and) they have one well,” Kubalsky said.

GlobeServe Ministries, the program the proceeds are donated through, builds the freshwater well in an area with the need and continues to maintain it even after the project is complete. Every purchase or donation counts, as one well can cost between $3,000 and $4,000. The well installations also provide the opportunity to spread the Christian Gospel, a mission that Kubalsky considers a personal passion.

“While we’re over there, we can also talk about the love of Jesus Christ and help build churches,” Kubalsky said.

In order to promote her books and the mission behind them, Kubalsky is happy to speak at any group or organization’s event. She can be contacted at sherryjauthor@gmail.com.

“The Square Wreath” and her previous book “It’s Okay to be Me” are available for purchase online through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Walmart or Target. They can also be found at participating Christian bookstores.


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