Utopianism leads to tyranny

I am compelled to respond to the Steve Corbin opinion piece that appeared in the March 3 edition of the Times-Republican entitled “The Morality Test for Pro-life and Pro-birth.” Typical of his columns, he once again provides readers with misinformation, invalid conclusions and half-truths. For instance, he questions how Christians are against abortion but support the death penalty, an invalid comparison since one is the ending of an innocent life and the other a guilty one. He attempts to covertly attack Christians by accusing them of failing to support numerous government-sponsored programs. He seems to believe all societal issues need to be addressed by the government and nothing is being done or can be done outside government involvement and control.

Mr. Corbin has shown in this column his true worldview, Utopianism. Utopianism is the belief that problems in our society are a failure of government to create the right social and economic structures to provide our country with harmony and prosperity. His column lists several governmental programs that seem to be a desire to control the life of citizens, from conception to grave. I’m surprised he didn’t list euthanasia as a necessary government action to remove unproductive individuals from society and free it from the burden of taking care of them.

Government social engineering schemes are typically presented as providing public compassion. Government views moral maladies as technical problems to be addressed by bureaucrats. Instead of treating humans as moral agents with duties and responsibilities, they are treated as objects to be shaped and manipulated, leaving them demoralized and dependent upon the government. Government programs sap people of moral responsibility, economic initiative and personal prudence. Bureaucrats feel perfectly justified in controlling aspects of society that can, they feel, remake human nature, through the use of force if needed.

Utopianism leads to tyranny. With no God, bureaucrats are not accountable to any higher power and can therefore use any means necessary, no matter how brutal, to remold people for fit their notion of society. Liberty is sacrificed. History is replete of examples of Utopianism — Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, China, Venezuela — ending in the death of millions.