Trio arrested in local burglary

Two women and a man were arrested by Marshalltown police late last week on burglary third-degree charges.

Criminal complaints and affidavits were filed against Jennifer Anna Santiago Estrada, 36, of Rochester, Minn., Julio Cesar Espinoza Guevara, 37, of Marshalltown, and Tonya Jean Turvey, 37, of Waterloo, according to MPD and Marshall County District Court records.

Capt. Brian Batterson of the MPD said police were dispatched Saturday to a vacant property in the 900 block of South 11th Avenue. Officers found two of the defendants in the property without permission. Batterson said Santiago Estrada had lived in the house earlier this year but had been evicted. She and other defendants were attempting to retrieve her personal property.

Additionally, Santiago Estrada was charged with letting a dog run at large and possession of drug paraphernalia. The defendants were transported to Marshall County Jail, and are being held on bond. Burglary third-degree is a Class D felony.