Thou shall not steal

Some years ago, before there were cameras in telephones, the world was mesmerized by a supervisor on his way to work. He was stuck in traffic and was on the phone letting his company know he would be late. What happened next should only be a dream. Off to the side was a robber attempting to way-lay two old women who were walking. With all those stalled cars no one came to their rescue. Possibly forgetting that he was still talking to his employer, the supervisor began to give a running account of the struggle. Bear in mind that the supervisor was doubled over with laughter so great that he couldn’t get his breath; it sounded like he was breathing air through his ears. But this robber picked the wrong two old ladies to rob; the smallest one, “five foot nothing the supervisor called her;” landed a blow on the robber’s head with her Bible. That blow, by the good book, put the man on the ground and she is on him like a tomcat going to an alley fight. The supervisor is laughing so hard that he is crying. The robber cannot get away from her as she uses her Bible to let this man know he should be in some other line of work. As the world laughed with the supervisor, this story was so widely used that it shut down the web site. The “heavy hand of the Law” wasn’t available to help but the heaviness of the printed Spiritual Law of God, came to the rescue. For the moment, good won over evil in a hilarious triumph. As I rethought this story, the robber could have made choices earlier in life that would put him on the right path and not become the patsy of two old ladies. He could have read the Bible and the Spirit would have placed the truth on the inside of his head instead of receiving the message, like “Thou shall not steal” on the outside of his noggin. The point I want to make is how good it is to know what the Word of God says, and means, so we don’t have to feel his displeasure in other ways. Had the robber chosen the nature of the Bible for his earthly character, he would not have been in that dire circumstance. That’s a lesson for us all — seek spiritual truth.