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Edler presented Gold Star Award

The Iowa State Sheriffs’ and Deputies’ Association presented its annual ISSDA Gold Star Awards for excellence in leadership on public safety and law enforcement issues in Iowa. Sen. Jeff Edler (R-State Center) was one of five people in public service presented the 2018 Gold Star Award.

The Gold Star Awards are given to no more than five individuals each year who, through their public service, demonstrate genuine dedication to supporting the goals and ideals of ISSDA’s mission “To Serve and Protect the People of Iowa.”

Recipients of the 2018 Gold Star Awards, were publicly thanked and recognized at the ISSDA Winter School Banquet on Dec. 4, in Des Moines.

Recipients are selected for this honor by sheriffs and deputies of the ISSDA Legislative Committee and Board of Directors, who work side by side with policy makers each year on public safety and law enforcement issues that directly impact Iowans. No more than two members each of the Iowa House and Senate and no more than one member or agency of the Executive Branch are eligible to receive the award each year.

“Protecting Iowa citizens and keeping peace in our communities is one of the primary roles of government,” ISSDA President Josh Hammen, a deputy in Pocahontas County, said. “While we are fortunate in Iowa to have overwhelming support of public safety initiatives among our legislative delegation and state leaders, the recipients of the Gold Star Award have distinguished themselves by going above and beyond to respond to serious public safety and criminal justice challenges. This is a special honor that is not given lightly; it is an honor these individuals have earned through their public service.”

As recipients of the Gold Star Award, they each receive a plaque that resembles the ISSDA Gold Star emblem, which is the badge worn by Iowa sheriffs and deputies. Approximately, 200 local and state public safety officials attended the event.

Citizen volunteer takes oath to work on behalf of children

On Dec. 6, a new Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteer was sworn in by the Honorable Judge Paul Crawford. Nicole Johnson now joins others with the Child Advocacy Board program, which provides oversight and training for the CASA Program.

CASA’s are persons from all walks of life who make a commitment to become the “eyes and ears” of the court for the children or family to which they are assigned. The CASA volunteer does a thorough assessment by reviewing records and talking to parents, social workers, teachers and others who have knowledge of the child’s situation. The CASA then writes a report to the court with recommendations and continues to monitor the child’s progress by attending staff meetings and court hearings.

For more information on serving children in your community, contact Teresa Barnes at 877-578-8842 or by e-mail at teresa.barnes@dia.iowa.gov.

Local engineering firm receives award

Clapsaddle-Garber Associates, Inc. announced they have been selected to receive an Engineering Achievement Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Iowa.

CGA submitted an award application in October 2018 in the “Special Project” category and described their unique engineering design of the Grand Crossing Condominiums’ parking lot in downtown Waterloo. The design incorporates numerous green initiatives-including the utilization of stormwater management practices, permeable pavers throughout the entire parking lot, infiltration and inclusion of bio retention ponds.

With the engineering design proposed by CGA, the permeable pavers (that look similar to brick), reduce water runoff and prevent flooding. These interlocking pavers effectively trap and suspend solids and filter pollutants from the water since there is a base and subbase that allow the movement of stormwater through the surface. When combined with the high infiltration of the site soils, the entire Grand Crossing parking lot can be drained with minimal use of the city’s storm sewers.

The design also incorporated bio-swales, which are landscape elements designed to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water. They consist of swaled drainage course with gently sloped slides and are filled with vegetation.

“The project is representative of how CGA civil engineering is on the leading edge of design since the logistics of including the paver system was done before Iowa SUDAS (Statewide Urban Design and Specifications) released their design manual and standards for this type of paving,” said CGA Project Engineer Adam Daters.

CGA worked with the owner, paver suppliers and the IEDA review group to develop the best design for this project.


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