State utilizes video evidence and testimonies at robbery trial

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO Dillyn Michael Howard allegedly robbed the Git-N-Go in Marshalltown on June 7. He is on trial in Marshall County for first-degree robbery, assault while using or displaying a dangerous weapon and third-degree theft.

The state rested its case in a jury trial on Wednesday where a Marshalltown man is accused of robbing a Git-N-Go earlier this year.

Dyllin Michael Howard, 21, faces charges of robbery in the first-degree, assault while using or displaying a dangerous weapon and theft in the third-degree.

The robbery occurred at around 5 a.m. on June 7 at the Git-N-Go at 3302 S. Center St. A Git-N-Go employee called the Marshalltown Police Department to report a robbery. A man had entered the store, demanded money and left on foot. The employee was not injured.

Evidence presented by the state on Wednesday included photos of the robbery scene, video footage of Howard after the crime occurred at locations in Marshalltown and footage from one location in Des Moines.

Video footage showed a man with identifying features such as white spots on his head and a tattoo on his right hand, also present with the suspect Howard, at a Yesway convenience store in Marshalltown approximately a two minute drive from the Git-N-Go that was robbed. The man seen robbing the Git-N-Go covered his right hand and the suspect was seen on video at Yesway also attempting to cover his right hand. In the portions of footage where the suspect’s right hand is visible, a small dark rose-pattern tattoo is seen on the top of the suspect’s right hand, which is identical to a tattoo Howard has in the same location.

Marshalltown Police Department Detective Stephanie Lampe testified the timing of the footage where the suspect arrives at the Yesway is consistent if the suspect was leaving the Git-N-Go at 5:02 a.m. when the crime occured. The vehicle seen in the footage is registered to the suspect Howard.

Video footage at Yesway also showed the suspect making a phone call. Lampe said she used audio from the surveillance footage and matched the suspect’s voice with jail calls the suspect had made.

Receipts and video evidence show the suspect arriving and staying at Fleur Lodge in Des Moines after the crime was committed. Footage shows Howard used large sums of cash to pay for the room.

Physical evidence presented on Wednesday included a pair of Howard’s shoes and a coin wrapper found in his vehicle.

Crime scene technician Cortney Watson testified how she processed the scene of the crime. She did not find any fingerprints with enough detail to use in the investigation. Footprints found at the scene were analyzed by criminalist Richard Crivello, who also testified at trial, at the Department of Criminal Investigations lab in Ankeny. While comparing footprints with Howard’s shoes he found footprints that possibly could have been made by the shoes Howard wore, but could not say definitively they were made by Howard.

Marshalltown Police Department Detective Paul Heitman testified he received information from someone connected to the suspect about his whereabouts in Des Moines. After Howard was arrested at the Fleur Lodge by the Des Moines Police Department, Heitman assisted in executing a search warrant of the hotel room Howard stayed in. Found in the room were clumps of wet towels and an abundance of dark hair in a sink. Finding the hair was significant because the suspect may or may not have cut their hair to conceal their identity.

Marshalltown Police Department Officer Ryan Dehl testified regarding the potential danger of the weapon seen used by the suspect in the crime. The man seen leaving the Git-N-Go in surveillance footage was holding an item. Dehl said the item appeared to be a baton, which he testified is capable of inflicting death or serious injury.

The defense did not present any evidence during the trial on Wednesday.

Tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the Orpheum Theater where the trial is taking place, the jury will be delivered their instructions and both the state and defense will present their closing arguments.


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