Eat beef!

We, the members of the Mid-Iowa Youth Beef Team, take great pride in being one of 40,000 Iowans that enjoy working in the beef industry. The majority of our team are continuing a family legacy in beef production; representing the third, fourth, fifth, and, for some, the sixth generation of producers. We beef producers care and we are capable! Today, we are raising beef much more efficiently and using production practices to sustain our natural resources: producing 13 percent more beef with13 percent fewer head AND using 20 percent less feedstuffs, 30 percent less land, 14 percent less water, 9 percent less fossil fuel energy, and an 18 percent decrease in total carbon emissions. Today’s beef is on average 34 percent leaner than beef produced 50 years ago; with 65 percent of the beef in the fresh meat case being lean cuts. Just one 3-ounce serving of beef provides 10 essential nutrients, about half of the daily recommended protein, but only 10 percent of the daily recommended calorie intake! Nutritious, healthy, and delicious! Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad has signed the 2017 May Beef Month proclamation in recognition of the significant contributions that Iowa’s beef industry makes to the state’s economy. We encourage you to celebrate May Beef Month too! EAT BEEF!


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