‘Drain the pond’

First of all I must confess, a letter was recently printed in the “opinion” section of the T-R. I personally found it to be disturbing and something I totally disagreed with. I do, however, commend the T-R for promoting a diversity of opinion.

A council member took offense and felt it necessary to personally address this person. And, as is standard practice of Marshalltown politics, do it in a demeaning, belittling manner. The council member automatically assumed this person had never attended a council meeting and invited him to do so, where the council member and his “colleagues” could presumably educate him as to how “uninformed” and ignorant he really is.

Seriously Councilman? Do you know for a fact that this person has never attended a council meeting? Do you know this person personally, are you familiar with his life, where he lives, the issues in his life that caused him to take the time to draft a letter which offended you? I think not.

Let’s speculate, just as you did. Perhaps this person has attended a city council meeting, maybe found it to be a distasteful lesson on politics as usual, where the opinions of the mayor, city council, city administrator, et. al., trump the voices of taxpaying constituents. Do you know otherwise or does speculation and personal offense serve your purpose?

Speculation and personal opinions are what you based your rebuttal on. Indeed sir, what you have done is reaffirm the views of many people within this community. That being said, do not question the scholars who make up our local “supreme court,” unless you enjoy being branded “uninformed,” “misinformed,” “sadly mistaken,” “ignorant,” etc. You may not have noticed, but opposition to the manner in which our local politicians promote personal agendas, and callously disregard opposing opinions has drawn a dramatic increase in responses which are critical of you and your “colleagues.” Step down from Mt. Olympus and read the tea leaves.

In closing, I have no doubt that the councilman is a decent responsible person who cares about his community, which is far more credit than he gave the letter writer. What distresses me is the speed and veracity with which he embraced the patented self righteous, self promoting, defense mechanism promoted by our local political body. A rebuttal loaded with condescension, but absent any civility.

It’s time to drain the pond, the water has an odor to it!