The enablers

els of government. Trump is now the voice of the Republcan Party. Trumpism is Republicanism. The only recourse we have is to vote it out. Listen carefully to what our President is telling us: Vote for Republicans to enable him and fellow Republicans to continue Trumpism.

The Washington swamp still exists, national security isn’t what it should be, trust of our government hasn’t improved, our respect and credibility in the world is approaching gutter levels and our national debt is growing by the billions each business day. I agree with the Washington thinkers and pundits who feel Trump is the worst president we’ve ever had. United Nations members laughed aloud at our president when he was addressing them.

“Trumpism” is democracy at its worst. Nearly two years ago I said that we had elected “The Big Bad Wolf” of the wonderful fairy tale. Who is the great hunter who can rid us of this evil? We! We can and we must vote Trump out! When President Trump tells us a vote for a Republican is a vote for him, stop, think and mark the ballot for Democrats.

“Trumpism” in Iowa has removed the ability to vote a straight ticket. Trump suppporters don’t trust voters; so they require us to darken each and every blank box for every name beside the candidate’s name. It is the Republican party’s Trump ideology that has caused this to happen. The Republicans nationwide are the enablers. They need to stand up to Donald Trump. They haven’t. It’s we the people who need to speak now. It’s the small “d” democratic thing to do.