National Climate Assessment is political, not scientific

Concerning the TR’s Sunday Our View story printed Dec. 16, 2018, I’m dismayed that more investigation into the subject of climate change was not done before just taking the report’s scare tactic scenarios and repeating them. This does a disservice to your readers. And trying to equate a random weather event (Marshalltown’s tornado) as being caused by our use of fossil fuels is illogical.

The National Climate Assessment report is political. It was written with biases that on purpose ignored hard scientific facts. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Relying on computer models to forecast future natural and cyclical earth climate variations is doomed from the beginning. One cannot account for all the hundreds of factors that make up our atmosphere and the interplay of gigantic forces within our solar system. One must take into account our sun, the long-term cycles of elliptical earth orbit, axial tilt variations and precession (wobble) of the earth’s axis. These natural and unstoppable forces largely dictate if the earth is entering or recovering from a glacial episode. In fact, the inter-glacial warm period humans are living in now is a recovery from the last glacial system.

To point to one politically selected factor, carbon dioxide, and declare it the culprit for supposed climate change is misguided. CO2 is not a pollutant. It is a clear, odorless and colorless gas, and is about 0.04 percent. It is an essential plant food. Its concentrations during past geologic eras have been much higher. During the earth’s 4.5 billion year existence, numerous ups and downs of all atmospheric gases have happened.

National media have largely ignored or swept under the rug any climate fact-based stories in favor of sensationalism. And part of the reason people might accept false premise stories is precisely because alternative fact-based science was not taught, or facts were never allowed to be printed, or even allow for rational debate of the issue. People need to know when they are being duped. The United Nations panel on Climate Change was formed with a built-in incentive to find a “crisis” and then be in charge of its “solution.” To be in charge of the solution would mean regulating the world’s economies. And that would be a world-wide redistribution of wealth.

Facts matter. Truth matters. Let scientific truths about climate be like sunshine exposing light onto human minds corrupted by self-serving political motives.