Farming and caring

As a young fifth generation Iowa family farmer, our family has seen many changes over the past two centuries with agriculture and how livestock is raised. Conservation of our natural resources including water and soil is a top priority not only with our crops, but also livestock. Using the latest technologies and conservation practices, we are able to minimize waste and increase efficient production.

Iowa’s 2019 winter has shown how effective livestock care has become. While furnaces were cranked up in households across our frozen Iowa land, so were the buildings which kept animals such as pigs warm with heat. Adequate water, feed and personal care were administered in these cold months providing a comfortable environment for these animals. In spring and fall months, these buildings will provide a natural fertilizer for farmers lush green crops while using the most recent technologies to make sure over application of this precious fertilizer is not occurring.

Farms across the state including ours will continue to provide food for our country and abroad in the most safe, ethical and productive way possible ensuring a healthy Iowa and healthy consumer.


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