Support the IVCCD Referendum

Iowa Valley Community College District has provided the perfect opportunity for me to obtain adequate knowledge and proper credentials for my career in nursing. With the short drive from my home to Marshalltown Community College, the small student to instructor ratio, affordable tuition and various technical programs, what more could a student ask for? In order for MCC to continue to function efficiently and offer its great services to this community, a bond referendum is being requested.

The IVCCD Bond Referendum will support much needed renovation of existing buildings, new construction, improved safety and security and new technology. Not only will this bond provide the necessary improvements, but also provide a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing community college. An appealing, up-to-date college could influence students to stay local, who may normally choose to go to a college outside of the community, and may also capture the interest of students outside of IVCCD.

All of this will only cost about $3.38 a month for someone who owns a home with an assessed valuation of $100,000. As someone who hopes to be a future homeowner in the Marshalltown area, I wholeheartedly support the efforts of the referendum which will focus on the development of a future workforce for Marshalltown and surrounding communities. What better way to keep a community growing than to support the education of our fellow community members?

I encourage all community members to learn more at https://www.iavalley.edu/about-the-district/bond-referendum/.

Please join me in voting YES for Iowa Valley on April 2.