Participate in Letter Carrier’s Food Drive

Just a reminder to the community that the Letter Carrier’s Food Drive will be taking place May 11. This will be the 27th year of the NALC’s “Stamp Out Hunger” national food drive. Your letter carrier will be collecting nonperishable food donations left by mailboxes and in the post office for the Food Pantries of the Salvation Army and the Emergency Food Box. This effort by members of the National Association of Letter Carriers and other volunteers is the largest one-day food drive in the nation.

Please help by placing your “non-perishable” food items next to your mailbox before your letter carrier delivers mail on May 11. Please check the dates on donated food items to be sure they have not yet expired. Be sure boxed/bagged items are sealed and cans have not been damaged. If you have any questions regarding this year’s drive, you may call the Post Office or either of the food pantries.

Last year, nearly 9,500 pounds of food were collected in the Marshalltown area. All donated food was given out in Marshall County and was truly appreciated by the recipients. Help make 2019 even better by your participation in this very special project.

We sincerely thank you for your help and generosity.

Written on behalf of Dianne Maile, Edith Podhajsky, John Eich at the Emergency Food Box;

Derice Aargon at the Salvation Army and Sandy McRill at the Marshalltown Post Office.


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