Justice provides opportunity to repent

In the Bible there are scriptures about judgment, judging and being just. Ever since man’s failure in the garden, God has been at work getting the attention of humans. Judgment comes because we need to know the correction of God’s justice. In John 9:39, Jesus says that for judgment, he has come into the world. The test here is to see the real meaning; that it has to do with sin and how the people reject or hold onto it. We would have to be pretty blind not to see what is happening in our world today.

Author Dr. Lance Wallnau tells the story about Cyrus. It is a story of an outsider Gentile King (named Cyrus) who captured Persia and allowed God’s enslaved people to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls and temple. Walls had to be rebuilt so the Jews would have something to hold onto, something of spiritual value. Lance continues with his story that President Donald Trump is the outsider Cyrus of our time: God is going to give America one more chance to repent. According to Lance, Trump acts the way he does because it doesn’t reveal how he will react to his political enemies. He has them off balance, and they don’t know how to respond — other than lying words.

All of history reveals the times God has rescinded his justice so humans could have one more opportunity to repent. It happened with Adam, Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Daniel and Jonah in the Old Testament. The New Testament says God will send Jesus, his only son, to bring human history to a close. Just before that happens, the world will go crazy with violence. Violence is a gift from satan trying to destroy Christianity, as much as he can.

We must look at the condition of our world knowing it will reveal the time of the end. The book of Daniel, and Revelation, reveals that two Godly preachers were given prophetic visions of how the world will end. The Christian is not designed to go through those times of Great Tribulation, they will be taken out of the world before that happens. God’s angst is against all the unbelievers; not those who are righteous. We were created for fellowship with God, that tells us that our choices must be about restoring ourselves to him. How is the spiritual condition of your relationship to your father?