‘Inclusion’ lead to Boy Scouts fallout

Where does raising a white flag in the battle over your core values lead to?

Ask the Boy Scouts of America. After throwing up their hands on 103 years of conviction, the group may finally be learning that standing on principle isn’t easy.

The fight to live out their beliefs has been an exhausting one. Until 2000, the Scouts had spent years in court just for the freedom to stick to its moral code. They won, but the battle didn’t end.

Waves of LGBT activists kept coming and the pressure built until 2013 when BSA leaders gave in to the lie that compromise would be their salvation. Five years later, there’s almost nothing left to save.

A half decade later, the Boy Scouts are a step away from bankruptcy.

It turns out their defining moment may also be a fatal one. As the Wall Street Journal reported the group has been bleeding members since it broke camp and began to admit kids and leaders who openly identify as gay and transgender. Then there was the fallout from recruiting girls, which not only angered its base but pitted the organization in a legal war with Girl Scouts USA. Now a program that used to be one of America’s finest is considering Chapter 11.

The Boy Scouts dropped their moral mandate to accommodate what they didn’t even believe in. In the current climate that’s called “inclusion.” They wandered so far away from their identity that as of 2016, they even dropped their most defining characteristic: boys.

In the end, it ruined them.