Donations build Melbourne Library ramp

The Friends of the Melbourne Public Library and the Melbourne Public Library would like to acknowledge the generous contributions of our supporters throughout the state. The below foundations and trusts provided monetary support so we could replace our dilapidated ramp, deck and stairs. We have rebuilt and now have up to date ADA compliant access for all patrons.

Our community’s future success lies in our children and residents. The city of Melbourne does not have a school so we provide a safe place to learn and study after school while encouraging year-around learning for all ages. Our library also provides meeting rooms for learning, crafting and gatherings. Our adult activities generate community bonds and a gathering place for all.

Thank you so much for the support:

• Ann Keyser Charitable Trust established in 2017 is located in Marshalltown.

• Casey’s Foundation believes in neighbors helping neighbors.

• Deutsch Family Foundation is located in Baxter.

• Kinney Lindstrom Foundation of Mason City supports primarily education, historical museums and other cultural programs, social services, youth and health agencies and civic programs.

• Martha Ellen Tye Foundation provided funding as they support Arts & Culture, Education, Human Services and Community Betterment.

• Schiller Family Foundation established in 1991 is based in Newton. Their helpful donation was made by a family that appreciates the importance of libraries in today’s modern world.

“Theisens More for your Community “corporate grant program annually makes grants to all Theisens store communities.

• Prairie Meadows Community Betterment Grant provides funding for small-to-medium sized projects with grants ranging from $100 to $99,999, Prairie Meadows Community Betterment Grants support qualified organizations seeking to improve the lives of people in their communities.

• Community Foundation of Marshall County was formed in 2005 by a group of passionate and visionary leaders.  

• WT and Edna M Dahl Trust is located in Des Moines. Established in 2007, they support education and libraries with special funding for facilities.

• Friends of the Melbourne Public Library established in 2009.

• Midwest One Bank, Melbourne kindly donated funds to our project.