Write-in candidates for City Council

After reading City Council meetings in the local paper, I then go to Facebook and get the rest of the story. I search for Mark Eaton’s post. When reading his post, I see he asks a lot of questions and gets very few answers at council meetings. Eaton lives in the fourth ward and some of the coffee guys convinced him he should run as a write-in, fourth ward. I don’t live in that ward, but if some of my friends and people that do live in that ward would get on Facebook and search for Mark Eaton’s post… Read Eaton’s post of the past City Council meeting and you will see why we need him on the council. Please write Mark Eaton’s name on write-in ballot and blacken the small circle next to his name. I also think Gary Thompson would make a good councilman at-large. That’s my soap box for the week. Now everyone get out and vote.


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