‘Open your ears’ to scripture

A very long time ago God had the necessity of making an “in your face” proclamation to his people. They had long since disobeyed his voice and each one did as they wanted.

Scripture reveals a few names such as Elijah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, but there are many names that are not. Jeremiah was told to go stand in the court of the king, grab the king’s ear if he had to, and proclaim that God was seriously upset with them.

God told Jeremiah not be timid in his speaking because Israel’s whole future depended on what they did with this preacher’s message. It was time for the Israelites to be “taken to the woodshed” for a good talking to.”

My name is Charles Abraham Albin.

When God called Jeremiah, he tried to say that he was too young – he didn’t have enough experience to preach to these folks. Well, dear people, that is the way I feel today. I have been called by my denomination, and the church, to come stand on this street corner in Chicago and tell you folks that “The day of the Lord” is just around the corner.

Like Jeremiah, I am in the beginning days of my training, we are both starting our ministry at 30 years of age. I have never done this style of preaching but the call to my heart is just as real and scary as that of the Old Testament preacher. Jeremiah was forced to be bold beyond his normal ability, but the Spirit of God was with him. I know the Spirit is with me also but He is not the one that has to speak. In a clear way I have to help you understand the sincerity of God’s message you and I live today because we must be bold in choosing our future.

Do we want to live with a God who loves you, or Satan who hates you? I don’t know if pulling on the ear of the king worked for Jeremiah, but I feel it would not work with you good folks of Chicago. All that I feel capable of is asking you to “open your ears” to hear the truth of scripture.

This modern preacher is my father-in-law.


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