Grieving has nothing to do with politics

People of Iowa, we are in deep trouble. We cannot get the truth from most public people. Joe Fisher’s article, “Iowa Dems target Ernst for COVID relief” – the articles mixes the pain of death with the confirmation of a court justice.

If you are mourning a family death, politics should be far from your mind. Veronica Guevara says grieving is hard, especially under the present leadership of the country. I find her totally disingenuous. Grieving for a loved one has nothing to do with who’s in office.

As for Mark Smith, we all know where he stands. He’s never seen a good Republican and anything they do is wrong. It’s people like him that caused me to switch parties. Mark and Veronica — they want and want with no idea where all this money comes from, or how we solve our problems. They are putting all their hope in an old man that looks like he’s in the beginning stages of dementia and probably won’t be able to complete his term if elected. Then we get V.P. Harris to defend us from the evils of the worls. She can’t even stand up for our police departments.

God help us!


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