Marshalltown man arrested for graveyard theft


Some suspicious items turned in to Gervich and Sons for scrap resulted in a report being made to the Marshalltown Police Department on Wednesday and an arrest being made.

The items were a large amount of grave monument vases and a large bronze headstone marker, and allegedly were brought in by Larry Lester Kunc., Jr.

Officers checked with cemeteries to see if anyone by the engraved name had plots on their property. Rose Hill Cemetery identified the head stone plaque belonged in their cemetery.

The value of the of the headstone vases is not known at this time, as it is unknown exactly where they came from. The headstone marker is valued at $8,272.

Kunc, 43, of Marshalltown, brought in the items during the past week, and has been charged with second-degree theft and third-degree criminal mischief. He is being held in the Marshall County Jail on a 7,000 bond.


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