School district solar project on hold for now

T-R PHOTO BY ROBERT MAHARRY A proposed solar project on a parcel of land owned by the Marshalltown Community School District between Bicentennial Park and Highland Acres Road is on hold for the time being as the district and Alliant Energy explore other potential locations.

A proposed solar array on the western edge of town near Bicentennial Park is on hold for now as Marshalltown Community School District (MCSD) officials are considering other potential locations.

Superintendent Theron Schutte confirmed the news to the T-R after a resident in the area around the park called the newspaper seeking more information earlier this week. He added that the district is considering other possible locations for the project, which would be completed in partnership with Alliant Energy and allow the district to generate revenue while also furthering the company’s sustainability goals.

“We want to be sensitive to our neighbors if possible and practical, so we are exploring alternative options. There is no rush on our end,” Schutte said.

Back in September, Schutte and representatives from Alliant held a well-attended meeting on the plans at the Marshalltown Public Library, and many of the nearby residents shared skepticism and/or opposition to the project then. The proliferation of large scale renewable energy projects, particularly solar and wind, has become a hot button issue both in Iowa and across the country in recent years.

Melissa McCarville, a senior communications partner with Alliant, offered a comment on behalf of the company Thursday afternoon.

“The Alliant Energy Customer-Hosted Renewables program exists to help customers meet their renewable energy goals, while receiving the benefits renewable energy can bring to local communities, businesses and homes. As with each customer-hosted project, the details and project viability are extensively analyzed before any final decisions are made on moving forward,” she said. “We are consistently working on new opportunities to bring this program to life with our customers. If alternative opportunities become available with the Marshalltown Community School District for us to help them meet their energy goals, we look forward to discussing them.”


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