Why has Randy Evans become a dupe?

Dear Mr. Evans,

I live in North Carolina and am well aware of the self-serving John Worden from prominent friends in Marshalltown. They are prominent because they spend their time actually accomplishing positive projects for the town and they support Sarah Rosenblum. The irony is that John Worden is a Trumper who resents taxpayer money being allocated to libraries. Yet he expects the taxpayer to pay for subscriptions to magazines he already buys but wants shown in the library to further his private views.

There are probably hundreds of mass circulation magazines on diverse subjects which the Marshalltown Public Library does not have, not just the three gun and right-wing ones Worden wants displays. There are probably other magazine subscribers who would donate their magazines to the library, like Worden wants to do, but the library does not have the room.

If he wants to protect children from inappropriate literature, well then I have the right to shield them from what I consider inappropriate literature.

The real question I have about your involvement in this matter is why you became a dupe for this dope?


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