Lack of action and answers

I recently went to the council meeting to ask how are nuisance officer was doing. I was told months ago by my councilman when we got him that would take care of the parking of cars in front of houses on grass. My councilman wasn’t at the meeting so I didn’t ask. So far we still got the same problem. I guess to be able to do that you don’t want to put a for sale sign on the car and you can get away with it. I went to the noon meeting this week to hear what the council had to say. Well they didn’t say much. Before the meeting one of the councilmen came over to me opened up his briefcase and showed me over an inch stack of papers that he had to go through on what they were voting on. In my mind there is no way these people do a very good job reading that many papers on one subject. I think it’s time for the elected people to tell the administrator to use the KISS system. I’m also hoping we can get people like Eaton, Palmer, Riskedahl to run for these council positions. I want to thank them for keeping us informed. Maybe one of these days more than 10 percent of voters will get out to vote for change.