Daily Record, Oct. 25, 2019

Marshall County Courthouse

Court — Thursday

• Joseph Wade Bown made an initial appearance on an intimidation with a dangerous weapon charge, a dominion or control of a firearm by a felon charge and three counts of a pre-trial release violation charge. The public defender’s office will remain as counsel on the two new charges and these will be added to the attempted murder charge from Wednesday. No extra bond will be added to these charges. Bown’s pre-trial release was revoked in all cases and a bond of $15,000 cash only has replaced the pre-trial release. Jeff Hazen will continue as counsel until the conclusion of these three cases.

• Kurt Douglas Ruring made an initial appearance on a domestic abuse assault charge, a domestic abuse assault displaying or using a weapon charge, a domestic abuse assault-impeding the flow of blood or air charge, a false imprisonment charge and a harassment-first degree charge. The public defender’s office is appointed as counsel. The preliminary hearing is scheduled at 1 p.m. on Nov. 1. Bond is set at $2,000 cash only. If Ruring released, he is released with supervision through the Department of Correctional Services. A no-contact order has been issued for the protected party.

• Louis Ancil Walsingham made an initial appearance on a violation of a no-contact order/contempt of court charge. Jeff Hazen is appointed as counsel. The contempt hearing will be scheduled by the District Court. Walsingham is released into the custody of the Half-way House and is to report immediately upon release.

• Alexis Herrera made an initial appearance on a driving under suspension charge. Herrera produced a new license and the charge was dismissed with court costs of $60 assessed, due within 30 days.

Marshall County Sheriff


• On Wednesday, Victor Garcia, 22, was arrested for voluntary absence from custody.


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