Daily Record, Sept. 9, 2021

Marshall County Sheriff



• Jebediah Boyd, 42, was arrested for violation of probation.


• Lucas Hulin, 27, was arrested for failing to appear in court.


• Alexander Michael Wayne Anderson, 24, was arrested for violation of probation.

• Breanna Leigh Harrelson, 30, was arrested on a warrant.

Marshalltown Police Department

Arrests — Tuesday

• Eric Eleison, 27, was arrested on a warrant.

• Erik Andrade, 19, was arrested for assault causing bodily injury or mental illness.

• Francisco Maravilla, 52, was arrested for a dog at large.

• Christopher Van Langen, 20, was arrested for third degree sexual abuse.

J• ustin Reese, 33, was arrested for fourth degree criminal mischief and fifth degree criminal mischief.

• Leonardo Del Real Sanchez, 26, was arrested on a warrant.

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

• Kirk D. and Amanda J. Dougherty to Tyler J. Humpfer, 505 Drury Lane, LeGrand.

• Susanne M. Anderson to Dan Anderson Seed, 2638 Underwood Ave.

• Donna S. Hunt to Edgar Elliott and Karla Ellithorpe, 906 Fremont St.

• Kody and Kristina M. Miller to Soe Mu and Eh Htoo Wah, 204 S. 16th Ave.

• Mark and Jodee Rohde to Juan and Leopoldo Salvador Reyes, 407 and 411 S. Ninth St.

• Susanne M. Anderson to Kyle and Sarah Smith, 2626 Underwood Ave.

• State of Iowa and Shelby L. See to James W. Ottilie, 2158 Mulberry St., Marietta.

• James W. Ottilie to Bruce C. Weir and Jacqueline L. Zimmerman, 2158 Mulberry St., Marietta.

• Barry A. and Renee L. Sedlacek to Slaughter House Meats, 109 First St., Melbourne.

• Kevin D. and Michelle Y. Drummer to Kevin D. and Michelle Y. Drummer, 2162 148th St., Albion.

• Isabelle M. Jones to Deanne L. Skeens, Deborah E. Lord and Isabelle M. Jones Trust, 1022 Ballard Way, New Providence.

• Duane and Helen Lang to Duane Lang, 2736 Garwin Rd.

• Patty Ann Martin to the City of Marshalltown, 817, 819 and 901 N. Fifth Ave.

• Ciro and Jocelyn S. Diiorio to Ciro Diiorio Trust and Jocelyn S. Diiorio Trust, 507 W. Ingledue St.

• Jens Clifford and Nelda Elaine Grage to Jaymic Real Investments, 106 Third Ave. SE, State Center.

• Jaymic Real Investments to Candace Walter, 106 Third Ave. SD, State Center.

• Dustin and Chelci J. Hiller to Htoo Baw, Ta Mu Htoo and Htoo Mee, 315 Harrison Drive.

• Robert H. and Gloria J. Pfantz to Robert H. Pfantz, 313 Third St. NW, State Center.

• Cristina R. Woodhouse to Maria Guadalupe Lizardi De Rodriguez and Espectacion Rodriguez, 210 Edgeland Drive.


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