Daily Record — July 31, 2022

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

July 28

• Patricia Buck Irrevocable Trust, Kristin Y. Hill Trustee to Eve G. Nettesheim, 808 Jackson St.

• D&B Inc. to Jeffrey L. and Lynette K. Hinkle, 704 Noble St.

• JBBMCB LLC to Andrew and Emma Chubb, 107 N. 16th St.

• Carlos and Viridiana Ramirez to Lucmat Investments LLC, 132 W. Main St.

• Timothy D. Sletten to Cora Ann Dolley and Myles Alan Miller, 401 S. Fourth St.

• Donald Thomas McKendree Jr. and Ruth Helen McKendree to GKB Properties LLC, 106 W. Walnut St., Rhodes

• Ashley L. Bringmann to Michael C. Bringmann, 208 N. Elm St., Gilman

• Jeffrey L. Hamelau Jr. and Rosea L. Hamelau to Christopher L. and Sara R. Grego, 208 Drury Lane, Le Grand

July 27

• Gage T. Fraser to Biz Midwest LLC, 1213 Marshall Drive

• Mary Margaret Egleston to Lori S. and Todd A. Egleston, Mary Margaret Egleston, 102 E. Clinton St., Le Grand

• James E. and Mabel M. Perin to Jennifer M. Beavers, Jennifer M. Gerhart, 146 S. Oak St., Rhodes

• Chasity R. Vallejo to Debra and Kevin Flippo, 200 E. Church St., Laurel

• Equity Trust Company Custodian, Frank E. Weinstein to Jorge Eduardo Sanchez Drag, 2304 Maple Blvd.

• Tania G. Fonseca, Erick Nunez Mancera, Erick Nunez to Darcy Davenport, 1218 Larkfield Court

• Chad L. and Cheryl L. McDonald to Ray and Rita Langloss, 206 Main St., Clemons

• Scott J. Macauley to Kelly J. Macauley, 913 S. 11th Ave.

• Jacilyn J. Sinclair to Jeffrey and Rosea Hamelau, 2843 Reed Ave.

Marshalltown Police Department


• On Thursday, July 28, Clarence Castile Jr., 39, was arrested for public intoxication-first offense.

• On Thursday, July 28, Molly Calkins, 26, was arrested for dog at large.

• On Thursday, July 28, Justin Chlupach, 48, was arrested for domestic abuse assault-first offense-causing bodily injury.


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