Fluoride law ensures Iowa citizens understand water changes

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CEDAR RAPIDS — Less than a century ago, it was unusual for a 30-year-old not to have dentures, according to Dr. Bob Russell, Iowa's public health dental director. A lot has changed in oral hygiene, but one of the most sweeping changes and one that helps poor and wealthy people alike is ...

School sex allegations, deaths stun Marshalltown

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Another death of a former school employee and more allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct have come forth in a string of alleged incidents within the Marshalltown Community School District. A former Marshalltown school employee was found dead in Ames on Thursday as local police were ...

Daily Record, July 24, 2021

Daily Record

Marshalltown Police Department Arrests Thursday • Macey Wignall, 27, was arrested for third degree burglary. • Brittney Hansen, 25, was arrested on a warrant. • Armando Chavarria, 30, was arrested for assault on persons in certain occupations, providing false identification ...

Summer is for the bugs

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The old saying that something “is for the birds” usually means that something is useless. For those who know me know that I am a cold weather type of person, give me shoveling snow over mowing grass any day. With that said, I humorously twist this old saying into “summer is for the ...

Yellen outlines to Congress emergency measures on debt limit

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WASHINGTON — Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told Congress on Friday that she will start taking emergency measures next week to keep the government from an unprecedented default on the national debt, warning that a default would cause “irreparable harm to the U.S. economy and the ...