Pharmaceutical industry threatens access to prescriptions

As our country faces both a public health and a looming economic crisis, access to affordable prescription drugs is more important than ever. Unfortunately, as drug prices continue to rise, the pharmaceutical industry is attempting to dismantle one program that ensures access to low-cost medications – the 340B Drug Program.

Community health centers like Primary Health Care utilize the 340B program to provide affordable, lifesaving prescription drugs to vulnerable and underserved people. In recent weeks, an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies are targeting this program in order to increase their own profits.

In Iowa, 93 percent of community health center patients live in poverty and face barriers to care such as lack of transportation, unstable housing, or live in rural areas where access to low cost medication is difficult to find. We need to make sure prescription drugs are not only affordable, but geographically accessible, to avoid poor health outcomes. PHC provides the 340B program in Marshalltown so patients from Marshall and surrounding counties are able to access their prescriptions at an affordable price and located near where they live. Without access to medications, some patients would end up in the emergency room or face costly, unnecessary hospitalizations.

Without the 340B program, our community faces dire consequences including higher drug prices and decreased access. The 340B program is a lifeline for many Iowans, and access to affordable prescription drugs should not be compromised due to corporate greed.

If you would consider contacting our state’s leadership in Washington D.C. to voice your support of this vital program, our patients and the community thank you.


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