Napolitano column was concerning

Editor’s note: The incorrect version of this letter was previously published.

I understand and support the need for newspapers to present different points of view, and I’m thankful that the T-R does so. However, I feel that the column “What if We Ignore the Government?” by Andrew Napolitano, which was published on Oct.15, was alarmingly provocative. There are many people who feel put upon by any kind of restriction recommended to help us stop the spread of COVID-19. Some are just grumpy, but others threaten and bully and react physically. Some go so far as to organize groups and plot insurrection, plan to kidnap a governor, and who knows what else? As I read the column, I became more and more concerned about its message which encouraged refusal to cooperate with efforts we all should take to prevent more spread of COVID-19. Instead, we must join together, take this virus seriously, pay attention to the public health experts, and make the sacrifices necessary to get this pandemic under control. Iowa’s numbers worsen by the day. We have no time to lose, as winter weather and flu season are on the way.


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