Hinson should place focus on jobs

I read with some interest that our new Congresswoman, Ashley Hinson, visited MCC recently and toured the facility to the obvious delight of the chancellor and other college staff. They were flattered and responded very positively to her visit, “after only a month in office.”

Curiously, after hearing how well MCC prepares students for employment in the trades, when she popped into a utility tech classroom and asked if any students had job offers, they were silent. Instructor Dorsey said the only hindrance to their finding jobs was whether or not they wanted to move.

Ashley Hinson had a career as a broadcast journalist, so it is no surprise that she understands public relations. Visiting a facility that prepares young people for employment in trades looks good: you get your picture in a local paper and you look like you care what happens to these young people — young people who have to move somewhere else to find jobs.

Representative Hinson was elected to work on legislation, laws that presumably can help ordinary citizens have better lives. Why, if she was so concerned about young people being able to find suitable employment, did she vote against HR 447, a bill that would strengthen apprenticeship programs by making them more accountable and reputable? Accredited apprenticeship programs are one of the keys to getting high quality on the job training for working Iowans. Many of our current workforce needs require skilled laborers, and accredited apprenticeship programs are the key to training men and woman and preparing them for that competitive workforce. Perhaps an expanded apprenticeship program would also help provide local jobs for our young people who don’t want to move to be able to find suitable employment.

I would like Representative Hinson to concentrate less on photo opportunities and more on job opportunities for young Iowans.


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