Supporting biodiesel makes economic sense

As a Marshall County farmer, I consistently look for ways to improve the health of the soil on my farm. This in turn contributes to the health of my family and ultimately the health and wellbeing of consumers in our area. The environment and the effects of climate change are often seen in headlines lately. As a farmer, I pay great attention to what these articles and stories say. On the farm level, we take our commitment to be good stewards of our air, soil and water very seriously.

One way farmers and non-farmers alike can contribute to the health of our environment would be support for biodiesel. Soybean-based biodiesel has been proven to be a cleaner-burning fuel, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 85 percent compared to non-renewable diesel. Biodiesel is grown, produced, sold and consumed right here in our state and requires no change to infrastructure. Biodiesel is the most sustainable liquid fuel available and is the only advanced biofuel categorized by the EPA.

Beyond the environment, biodiesel makes good sense from an economic perspective. With nearly 4,000 jobs in Iowa because of this fuel, biodiesel is a driving supporter of Iowa’s rural communities.

We all breathe the same air and drink the same water. Biodiesel is just one way we can all contribute to a healthy environment while supporting the economy.


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