Give RSB classes a try

The purpose of writing my view is to share that if you have or know someone who has Parkinson’s Disease (PD) the Marshalltown Y has a class that offers relief from your symptoms. People with PD have a low level of levodopa in their brain, and treatment involves a medication which helps with their levodopa. Recent research shows that exercise also can help reduce your symptoms and maybe even reduce or stabilize your dose of levodopa. The class is called Rock Steady Boxing or RSB. It turns out that RSB helps with balance, strength, flexibility, and attitude — these are all things boxers do when they train. Don’t worry, we don’t hit each other. The class has excellent trained instructors which can help you no matter your level of disability. I’ve had PD for at least 10 years and have done RSB classes for 5+ years, which has helped my PD symptoms and has gotten me out of my chair. Many class members share positive results/feedback from RSB.

If you would like more RSB information, you can observe a RSB class or attend the local RSB support group. For RSB information contact Keisha at the Marshalltown Y at 641-752-8658, ext. 224. Even if you have never exercised before, this class can provide some fun and will provide you a simple way to get moving to help delay your PD symptoms.


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