Proud of Gov. Reynolds

I am very happy that Kim Reynolds was reelected to be our governor for four more years. I think she has done an outstanding job and she has many people to satisfy as governor but she was elected by a large amount and that made me very proud because we were good friends and worked together as county treasurers. There was a letter to the editor that got in the paper Oct. 23, 2022, that said the governor was hopelessly tied to a model of agriculture that is turning Iowa into a desert and then the writer didn’t like her because she supported ethanol. These are all good things as far as I know.

The article that upset me was in the paper Nov. 29, and there was a picture of her and Donald Trump that was put in there to not make her look good, in my opinion.

I hope Donald Trump has a chance to tell his side of the Jan. 6 deal at the Capitol. As it is right now, it doesn’t look good for him, and it would be a bad decision for our governor to consider being vice president. Besides, I hope she stays in Iowa.


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