Bobcat bowlers slip past Riverhawks

T-R PHOTO BY NOAH ROHLFING - Marshalltown senior Madison Pickett celebrates in front of her home crowd at Wayward Social during Tuesday’s bowling meet against Mason City.

Fresh off an encouraging Saturday of action in an all-Bakers tournament at Ottumwa, the Marshalltown bowling teams were back in action Tuesday at home against Mason City. Both duals went down to the wire, and both ended in close Marshalltown victories (2,753-2,707 for the boys and 2,246-2,188 for the girls).

The Bobcat boys were buoyed early by a strong series of 257-176–433 from freshman Aiden Cowan, but no one else cracked 400 points. Damon Borton was second on the team with 195-171–366, Aaron Ratte rolled 214-151–365 and Gage Grieves rolled 160-161–321. Jayden Beichley was the final counting score with 188-126–314. Head coach Nate Clark said the energy from the team was off again, and the team trailed 1,889-1,799 heading into Bakers games.

“Super proud of the comeback, but in my opinion we shouldn’t have been put in tharp position in the first place,” Clark said. “Attitudes were off today until Bakers, that’s what we talked about after the first set.”

Starting Bakers off with a difficult 145, the Bobcats needed a spark. A run of strikes halfway through game two turned the tide and helped carry the momentum through. Scores of 210, 199 and 222 in the final three games of the night helped MHS claw back and come out on the other side with a much-needed win.

Clark said Bakers have become the strength of the team in recent weeks.

“We went eight games Saturday with no open frames, so that’s huge,” Clark said.

MHS girls bowling led all the way through against Mason City, but it was never an insurmountable margin. Autumn Thompson began the afternoon with a season-best game of 257, following it with a 170 for a two-game series of 427 to lead the way for Marshalltown. It was the best series for either team in the girls’ matchup.

Madison Pickett wasn’t far behind with 169-202–371. Katelyn Schwartz rolled a 130-146–276, while Devin Peterson had 142-118–260. The last counting score was Sydney May with 99-84–183. Kenedy Lammert rolled 89-69–158.

Carrying a slim 1,517-1,433 lead heading into the Bakers, the Bobcats got off to a rough start with a 115 in game one. Steadily improving with scores of 133, 160 and 175 to get back their advantage, the Bobcats leaned on Pickett in the fifth and 10th frames — and she delivered, said head coach Dustin Peterson.

“It’s been a lot of fun and they’ve done great,” Dustin said. “Madison kind of strapped us on her back in the Bakers, she came up pretty big in the 10th frame at least three or four games. That was great to see.”

Up next for both teams is a dual against Newton on Feb. 7 at Cardinal Lanes.


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